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    Eyes, nose, mouth, head, hands, ears and folds reference drawing tutorials.

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    Is the grass really greener on the other side? Find out what really matters in life in this wonderful and poignant short film The Other Side. 

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    Get traffic & leads


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    Euro Optic sell everything and anything! And they are premium products. They also have fantastic support. Eurooptic.com is the best ecommerce portal to get premium Kimber pistols online.

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    Shine bright…with a diamond!


    Follow jewelsberryreal.tumblr.com for gorgeous engagement rings & jewelry. Or just have your dash sparkle a bit! 

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    Must Have Apps: “Spelltorn” | Game


    Come play Spelltorn, the hot new MMO RPG you can play on the go! It is the only multiplayer game with a branching storyline where the choices you make affect your journey! See different dungeons, fight different monsters and reach different endings! So fun and eye popping graphics will blow you away! Now available for iOS and Android.

    Get it now on iTunes, Google Play. Like the Facebook Page.


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    Daily Trending Stories on “Daily Pooper!”


    Daily Pooper is a hip Social News, Networking and Entertainment Portal for like minded people across the Globe. Check it out!

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    Breakaway Daily Interview: Actor Adrian Voo talks Robin Williams, Auditions & His New Web Series



    Adrian Voo with the late, great Robin Williams. Find out about Voo’s meetings with the legendary actor in my exclusive interview with this up and coming actor you should know about.

    Adrian Voo is best known for his starring role in the post-apocalyptic feature and film festival circuit favorite Infected, which was ranked #1 on IMDb: Future and Newly Released Horror Movies. He has also had high profile credits to his name including The Hangover IIIShe Wants Me (Hilary Duff, Josh Gad), and Showtime’s House of Lies. His love of the craft has also taken him to the stage, most recently starring in Incentive, a modern ensemble produced by John Coppola. He can be seen this summer in the new web series Black Jacks, and in the psychological thriller Seventy-Nine.

    Originally from Malaysia, but now residing in Los Angeles, Adrian Voo has been on the fast track to success since graduating at the prestigious New York Film Academy in 2012.  Adrian is not just a talented actor, but also a consummate academic, and this along with his work ethic makes him one to watch out for. 


    Interview with actor Adrian Voo | by Jamee Beth LivingstonBreakaway Daily

    You have a BS degree in Operations Management from San Francisco State University, and are also an award winning graphic designer and programmer. What drove you to go to the New York Film Academy and pursue acting? 

    I’ve always had a strong passion for film, even as a child. When I started considering pursuing a career in an industry I knew nothing about, I knew I wouldn’t get far going in blind. I knew I needed formal training to learn as many ‘tools of the trade’ – it really is an extremely competitive industry.

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    Try it now ► brickflow.com

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    Amazon book finds: “Obsessed with Me”

    When Tanin rejected playboy Tarago Jacobus, she became irresistible to him, an elusive mystery that he wanted to possess. Needed to. Problem was, Tanin only saw him as a jerk.

    Check out “Obsessed With Me,” only .99 cents on Amazon

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